The PowerBug

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Ever desire an easier way to doodlebug?

How about less labor?

Higher quality?

Then you've been looking for the fully automated PowerBug machine. A one of a kind in the industry. The only machine that uses the standard doodlebug* pad, also known as a utility pad, to do the edges of a floor.
With it's 22 inch reach there's nothing that the Powerbug can't do or get. Great for getting under gondolas, or displays that are open ended. Works well in tight spaces such as checkouts or small offices.
A very aggressive head assembly allows you to strip the edges of a floor at a walking pace. Lasts 5 hours on a single charge. Longer than most autoscrubbers, and propane stripping machines.
Saves thousands of dollars in saved labor in the first year alone.** It's a machine you'll wonder what you ever did without.

Call today and get machine for 3295. Huge discount and savings!

*Doodlebug is a registered trademark of the 3M Company*

**Labor Saved based on high output of stripping footage per year**