The Machine

The PowerBug

PowerBug® Arm- With it's 22 inch standard length it can reach under gondolas, produce displays, and can do a small office or checkout in only a minute or two.

PowerBug® Motor- 1/2 horsepower delivers plenty of torque. Ample power to deliver in the tougher situations. Runs approx. 5 hours on a single charge.

PowerBug® Battery Charger- Our onboard computer controlled charger 'learns' the batteries in the first few charges to allow for optimum charge and run time. Easy to use as well, just plug into an outlet and walk away. The PowerBug® brain does the rest.

PowerBug® Handle Assembly- The only time it doesn't matter if a tool fits a cleaning technician is when he or she is bent over using a doodlebug pad and driving up your hourly cost. With that in mind we developed a fully adjustable handle that allows a wide variety of users to efficiently use the PowerBug®. The Bug is so powerful and fast that we designed vibration resistant threaded inserts for the handle, and vibration dampening handgrips for user comfort.

PowerBug® Storage Lid- Elegant in it's simplicity. Designed to fit scrapers and some doodlebug pads right in the top for easy access. We've even thought of the details.

Another innovative part of The PowerBug is the removable head. In just about 5 minutes the head assembly itself can be removed and sent in to the factory for updates and repairs if needed. Check out our Technical Service videos to see how to remove head assembly. The purpose of the removable head is so you won't ever have to buy a new machine again. As an example, when a buffer is worn out, you have to get a whole new machine. We still have PowerBugs that are out in the field that have been running for 15 years. When you send in the head to the factory all wearable parts and bearings are replaced and sent back to you for pennies on the dollar compared to a new machine.

Another advantage to this is, as our patented technology improves and we patent those improvements, we make available those improvements to all users of the machine. As an example, we are continuing to research and develop ways to increase the speed of the head assembly. The faster it moves back and forth the more productive this machine becomes. For those who want this improvement, when we receive the heads for rebuilds we put these updated parts on at no additional cost. Yet if you want the same speed as you had before we still give you a rebuild the way you want. This is a innovative design made to save you money in the long run, never having to buy a new machine again and always makes our latest developments and technology available to you if you want them!

Manager running The PowerBug himself. He loves the machine!

Here are some before and after pictures of how well The PowerBug does with deep scrubbing. Imagine what it can do on a strip job! An amazing machine that actually makes edging fun!

Contrast spot on concrete after 5 seconds of scrubbing with The PowerBug (Imagine how good it does WITH CLEANING CHEMICALS).

Contrast spot after 5 seconds of scrubbing with The PowerBug.